Thursday, March 31, 2011

Entry: 00-009: Character Creation

Chronicles of the Void: Character Creation

by Wedge, Co-Creator

The best way we can show you the Universe that we've created is through the eyes of its characters; you can't tell compelling stories without them. That is why CotV's character generation system is closely tied to our iconic characters, rather than loose impersonal class templates. The CotV Core Rulebook will contain original fiction featuring our iconic characters to introduce you to the CotV universe, along with detailed bios and fantastic artwork to bring it to life.

CotV will support two main systems for iconic character creation: Quick Play and Advanced Play.

In Quick Play character creation is streamlined allowing you to start playing within an hour of cracking open the book by using one of our iconic character templates. You can finally invite that non-gamer spouse or friend over to try tabletop role play for the first time without worry that they will be overwhelmed by their lack of game system knowledge.

In Advanced Play character creation you take our iconic character templates and craft you own character in as much detail as you desire. This allows seasoned role players to excise their creative talents and provides the depth of customization they crave.

Both approaches allow gamers of all experience and skill levels to choose the character creation method that works best for them with the goal of letting everyone play together and maintaining a level playing field at the same time.