Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Entry: 00-029: Playable Class: Male Luxnaut Outlaw

Playable Class:Male Luxnaut Outlaw
by Wedge, Co-Creator

9) Male Luxnaut Outlaw

The Lauxnaut are a prolific alien race who have been a major influence in the Universe for many years.  They are an extremely family centric race, who share lifelong bonds with their immediate siblings largely due to their curiously imbalanced ratio of male to female offspring.  On average, male Lauxnauts outnumber females 16 to 1, and as a result Lauxnaut culture developed a system for ensuring the continuation of the family's genetic line by developing a fierce protective loyalty of brothers to their sisters. Brothers are so devoted to their sisters that most Lauxnaut males commit to a life of protection and service to their genetic sister.  In a society where female offspring are so prized, women are in constant threat of abduction and assassination and the Lauxnaut will go to great lengths to ensure the survival of their family's matriarch since the entire fate of a dynasty hangs in the balance of a single reproductive member. 

As a result, eons of evolution have developed Lauxnaut males into some of the most imposing and skilled bodyguards in the known Universe.  Lauxnaut brothers develop a strict hierarchy of authority amongst one another, and function with the precision of a crack military unit.  From birth Lauxnaut males are taught the craft of bodyguarding, the strategies for securing a structure, and the tactics of counter intelligence.  They live in a state of readiness, always prepared to execute one of many contingent plans.  They are excellent multitaskers, a trait which has won them renown as star ship pilots.  Physically Lauxnaut males are often referred to as "living barricades."  The average male stands 8' topping 900 lbs with a thick roughly humanoid frame. 

Their body is hairless, and their head is covered by a network of hardened plates which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle forming patterns along their cranium.
Female Lauxnaut's have a well earned reputation for being shrewd businesswomen, crafty negotiators, and ruthless in the protection of their family's interests.  More than that, they are the centerpiece of all Lauxnaut society, which is entirely matriarchal, and are involved in all political dealings.

This unusual relationship between Lauxnaut brothers and sisters has proved to be a highly successful model, and Lauxnaut families are often found in positions of power particularly in organized crime.  Gunrunning, extortion, and black market dealings are all too common professions among the Lauxnaut putting them at odds with many law enforcement agencies and reinforceing negative stereotypes of their people. 

Of course there are many exceptions to this rule and Lauxnaut are also highly prized and dependable bodyguards to other races.  Often contacts are made with aliens to extend them Lauxnaut protection in return for money or favors.  This has caused many prolific Lauxnaut dynasties to both grow in influence and renown, and has also forged powerful alliances between the Lauxnaut and other aliens, most notably the Aqasoo which are perhaps the Lauxnaut's single greatest ally.  In fact the Aqasoo and Lauxnaut are so close it is not uncommon to see Aqasoo VIPs with a detachment of permanent Lauxnaut male bodyguards, and there is a precedent for male Lauxnaut's swearing oaths of protection to Aqasoo females which are considered nearly on par with their own Lauxnaut females in terms of diplomatic savvy and political acumen.
You are a Male Lauxnaut Outlaw, pity anyone that stands in your way.

Game Play Overview:  Play as a dinosauric thug, equal parts master guardian, ace pilot, and experienced black marketeer.  You've seen the dark underbelly of society and you are not afraid to use unsavory methods to accomplish your goals and protect those that you name as your kin.  As a natural tank you will have the ability to take quite a punishing and ensure that the rest of your team makes it through each firefight alive.
Iconic Character: Oan Alizara-Taso (Male Lauxnaut Outlaw) Sworn as the personal bodyguard of Alizara Baylen he joined the Marshals of Ash upon her insistence and is the only member besides the Grimkin who does not share the visions of the Dreamer - making him a confederate and an outsider at once.