Monday, March 7, 2011

Entry: 00-003: Why’d you do that?

Why'd you do that?
by Doug, Co-Creator

So let talk about some of the underlining themes in the spine of CotV. When setting out to create the next big, all original, Sci-Fi, pen and paper RPG we had a couple major mechanical goals to achieve.

First, it was important that CotV felt like a Sci-Fi game and not just a traditional fantasy RPG stuck in space. A couple of ways we have achieved this are through the use of space ship combat and a strong focus on innovating the way ranged combat works in a RPG.

Second, we took a long hard look at what we liked and didn’t like about most RPGs. CotV is not just another d20 knock off. There are plenty of killer d20 games for you to play if you want, but CotV needed to be something different. We constantly strive for balance between depth in the rules and not over complicating the system to the point players have to reference several different books just to get through a single encounter. With this in mind the One Breath Combat system (OBC) is designed to work with all manner of groups whether you are looking to use battle maps and minis or kick it old school and use just the awesome power of your imagination.