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Entry: 00-014: The Wilds Part 2 of 2 - Nightfall

The Wilds Part 2 of 2: Nightfall
by Wedge, Co-Creator

Several curious Zappers investigated the area drawn by Mata's energized shield. She powered it off and practiced slicing them apart with her boomerang kukri while she leaned against the tree, regaining her strength.

"Listen whatever these critters are paying you to let them eat me I'll double it," Hock said.

Mata let out a sharp laugh, "lets get that blood cleaned off you," Mata unrolled a medic kit stored in her thigh pouch, "everything here seems to want to get a taste."

"You've had your fair share of admirers, mind that elbow," Hock pointed to Mata's right arm which had a laceration running the length of her tricep.

Mata seemed to notice the cut for the first time and prodded it tenderly while flexing her arm testing its range of motion. For the next several minutes they busied themselves with dressing their wounds, re-hydrating,and Mata retrieved her weapons. The light was fading as they prepared to set out again for the crashed shuttle.

"Typically the nocturnal hunters are more dangerous than those that move around during the day, we should get going," advised Mata.

"What do you say we stick together this time?"

Mata assented with a slight nod, and the two set out at a sustainable pace.

A shift change overtook the alien jungle as they traveled, and the now familiar background noise of creatures large and small began to die away. An uneasiness began to settle across Mata's shoulders.

She had spent nearly her entire life in the uncharted wilds on dozens of worlds, but there was something different about this one. She could not give name to her growing concerns until the last deep throated groan died off, and an uncomfortable silence overtook the jungle which had been teeming with life moments before. Yes it was the silence that was so unnerving. Expecting to be surrounded by a chorus of unknown animals their absence was deeply troubling.

Hock's heavy footfalls behind her were booming in this transformed world and her own measured breath was disturbingly conspicuous. Even the wind seemed to have retreated, and the foliage overhead had stopped its endless rustling.

Making a gesture to stop Mata and Hock stood motionless. Mata quested out with her senses, ears rotating, nose twitching, trying to find any indication of life. The lightest wind still trickled through the tips of her hair and she could detect the faintest smell of smoke.


Not wanting to speak Mata pointed towards the source of the wind. Proceeding with calculated care they stalked through the muted jungle until the smoke led them to a scar carved through the wilderness. Shredded trees and undergrowth still smoldered in the wake of the crash site, and fires still burned bright enough to illuminate the dilapidated shuttle's carcass where it lay over 100 yards ahead wedged into the trunk of a ancient tree that now bowed forward at an unnatural angle.

Keeping a weather eye on the tree line, Mata danced over the fallen limbs and upturned earth making a path to the ship. The front half of the shuttle was now like a mangled accordion as it pancaked against the tree's broad trunk, but the back half seemed largely in tact. Creeping up she placed her hands on the ship, and ran them along until she reached a ragged hole opening into the pitch dark hull.

"Ripsis?" Mata whispered tentatively.

A deep bass groan emerged from the black, "Still alive; somehow," the tone sounded almost disappointed, "next time I'll take my chances in free fall."

Mata made a small smile to herself and from over her shoulder Hock said "I told you he would be all right."

"I could use a hand getting out of here, I spent the last of my energy reforming the interior bulkheads into a protective cocoon during the crash, but I didn't leave enough space to replace the charges, " Ripsis said.

"Don't worry big guy we'll spring you," turning to Hock she said, "give me a hand with one of those saplings cut down in the wreckage."

Scavenging around they found a likely candidate and Hock hefted the sturdy 9 foot long trunk while Mata helped guide it into the opening in the shuttles hull. Using it as a lever Hock put all of his weight onto the other end. The teeth grinding sound of metal on metal filled the unnaturally quiet night and the loosened bulkhead gave way slamming to the ground followed by the a tumbling form of a Lauxnaut curled into a tight ball. Ripsis rolled for several feet until his armor plated head came in contact with a stone outcropping jutting out of the jungle floor with a crack.

Unfazed Ripsis stood up measuring just a few inches shorter than Hock, but half again as wide as the him, and weighting in at over twice that of the fully armored soldier. Much of Ripsis's body was covered in naturally forming armored plates, and his exposed skin was a mix of the natural Lauxnaut grey highlighted with splotches and streaks of pallid green photocells. The modified Varigator armor suit covered the left side of his torso and arm. Three cylindrical discs studding his shoulder emitted jets of steam as they rotated counter clockwise to unlock - revealing the blackened cores of three fully discharged power cells. Removing the spent cells Ripsis gingerly retrieved two spare power cells from a canister on his belt and fitted them into the empty sockets. The power cores snapped to life emitting a pure white light and spun down clockwise locking in place hidden beneath the Varigator body armor. Almost instantly the green splotches on his skin turned from pale and washed out to a vibrant living color.

"Got any more of those?" Asked Hock indicating the power cells, "Spirit Crusher took a jolt and I haven't been able to get him online since."

"I'm running short," Ripsis's thumb jabbed to the shuttle wreckage "You may be able to dig one out of there."

"Lovely," Hock fished around in a pocket on his chest until he found a small light which he thumbed on as he stepped into the ruined ship.

Surveying the crash site Ripsis's gaze followed the low burning embers into the distance "So whats the status?"

"I think our ship got knocked out of the sky by coming too close to a swarm of mating bugs that vent electromagnetic waves from their asses," said Mata with a lopsided smile.

A deep gravely laugh escaped from Ripsis, "well I guess there's a first time for everything, whats the ETA for evac?"

"Should be a few hours from now... I was worried about the Zappers getting them too, but it looks like everything around here have gone to ground for the night." Mata eyed the shadows cast by the fire flickering across the stationary jungle canopy with trepidation, "I don't know whether to be relieved or concerned."

"Story of my life darling."

"Found one!" Exclaimed Hock as he returned form the shuttle's corpse gripping a fresh power cell in his hand. Depressing a pressure spot on the stalk of Spirit Crusher Hock ejected the old power cell which was charred and spider webbed with white cracks. Dismissively he flipped the dead cell to the ground replacing it with the fresh one. The plasma rifle hummed to life, and a familiar voice spoke inside Hock's ear.

"WJS Technology Model 209-C online, please input serial activation code."

"Damn, I think that bug fried more than the power cell," Hock said out loud, "I'm gonna have to let Dust take a look at it when we get back to The Overwatch. Still I feel a lot more prepared for the wildlife tour this time."

Punctuating Hock's words there was a strangled feral cry from the brush to the North of the crash site. Mata's senses snapped to alert picking up a rustling sound from a short tree nearby. The three held their positions perfectly still. A rasping sound came from the other side of the shuttle, like metal on scales. Hock smoothly panned the barrel of the Spirit Crusher towards the sound searching for its origin.

The silence resumed for another minute.

An unexpected thud vibrated up Hock's right leg and he looked down to find a foot long black serpent latched to the metal toe of his boot.

"I think you've bit off more than you can chew," Hock kneeled down and ejected the blade from his gauntlet severing the snake's head in a single motion. A viscous black fluid drained from the wriggling serpent.

Mata's nose wrinkled, "watch what you step in Hock - that reeks."

The tension broken, Ripsis began to stamp out some of the fires immediately surrounding the shuttle. Mata started searching the surrounding area for any more snakes. Hock pried the serpent's dead jaws from his boot and produced a cloth that he used to wipe the blood off his blade.

Mata had her back turned when the beast struck.

A startled yell was all the warning they had. Mata turned to find a massive beast descending upon Hock's crouched form. It was quadruped that must have stood at least 12 feet tall. Its back was a tangled mess of horns jutting out at random angles and its face was a writhing mass of the black serpents - the same as the one that had stuck to Hock's boot.

By the time Mata could call Ripsis and draw her kukri several serpents had latched onto Hock, lifted him off the ground, and were drawing him into its maw.

Darting forward Mata attempted to free him but Hock was already outside of her reach. Several more more hungry serpents struck out for her as she passed but she deftly dispatched them with her razor sharp blades. Ducking low Mata stepped under the beast and attempted to hamstring its front trunk like leg. Her kukri sliced through the matted fur on the back of the creatures leg but stopped short as it encountered some form of solid bone. The beast's back foot kicked forward at Mata with thick splayed claws and she leapt clear.

Ripsis had come around the corner of the shuttle and squared off facing the rampaging monster. The focusing crystals embedded in the knuckles of his three fingered left hand glowed red and he gestured to the dislodged bulkhead he had been trapped behind. The gigantic plate must have weighed a full ton but it rose up like a feather at his command. The bulkhead flung itself at the beast and its jagged edges sawed deep into the creatures flank. Its right rear leg went limp and the creature slowed considerably. One of the energy cells in Ripsis's armor ejected out with a hot jet of steam, the charge having been completely spent.

Struggling futilely Hock was nearly completely covered with countless serpents coiling around his limbs, drawing him deeper inside.

Mata slid the kukri back into their sheaths along her lower back and reached over her right shoulder to grip the cool handle bound tightly in a leather thong.

Pulling the long curved handle over her shoulder she gripped it two handed and activated the telescopic weapon to slide out forming a 5 foot long panabas. Whirling it in an over handed grip she set upon the wounded creature. Using her entire body's weight she lashed out with a devastating horizontal slash that severed the creatures front left leg at the knee. The animal collapsed under its own weight.

White hot energy jabbed out from inside the beast's chest cavity illuminating the dark night as Spirit Crusher's plasma beam roasted the creature from the inside out. Hock appeared in the breach riding out along with a wave of serpents all fleeing the burning corpse.

Mata looked on in horror no... it wasn't a corpse at all, it was some sort of nest.

Hundreds of jet black serpents of all sizes poured out of the once living nest seeking blood.

Scything through scores of them with her panabas Mata could only manage a fighting withdraw as the tide continued. Eventually the massive blade was fouled in a knot of thick snakes and she was forced to abandon it. Switch back to her kukri made her more agile but the enraged creatures beset her from all sides. Frantically searching for sanctuary Mata made for the tree line, leaping into the branches of a thick tree anchoring herself with her tail. She used both hands to cut down snake after snake as they slithered up the tree in pursuit. In a explosion of activity hidden animals who had taken refuge in the tree at nightfall fled in panic and fell to the jaws of the serpents. Scrambling to the top most branches capable of supporting her weight Mata eased out onto a limb restricting the paths the assailants could take to reach her. From here she was able to catch her breath and slay the diminished flow of serpents at leisure.

Looking down onto the crash site Mata found that Ripsis had devised his own way of handling the swarm of beasts. Having torn a yard long metal reinforcement bar from the shuttle he now used his Varigator powers to turn the bar into a spinning lawn mower blade churning around the jungle chopping snakes into tiny chunks.

The exodus finally subsided and the last of the serpents interested in Mata retreated.

She made her way back down the tree. Hock was laid out next to the smoldering nest struggling feebly with a few serpents that still held fast to his body. Mata deftly decapitated the last of those, and surveyed him.

It looked bad.

While his armor remained largely in tact shielding the majority of his body, bite marks covered Hock's exposed skin particularly around his neck and lower arms. Most of the wounds weeped with thick black poison.

"Hock can you hear me?"

Hock's eyes were unfocused and he seemed to be still attempting to weakly brush off snakes which were no longer attached to him, "I got in three stims before I was pulled down into that stinking gullet so I'm feeling pretty damn good right now," he managed a pathetic grin, "but I've got a sneaking suspicion that I'm not gonna be saying that when these things wear off."

"I think we are gonna need this," Ripsis stomped over gripping a squirming serpent tightly behind its head.

Mata emptied out her canteen and guided the snake in Ripsis's hand to the lip of the bottle. With a killer instinct the snake struck at the bottle, fangs extending inside, and Mata milked out the venom.

"Sit tight Cain, when Lady Baylen gets here she will be able to make an antidote," commanded Ripsis.

Hock was deliriously crawling back towards the smoking hive of dead serpents "Mmmm, that smells good, anyone up for some BBQ?"

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Entry: 00-013: Slow and Steady...

Slow and Steady...
by Doug, Co-Creator

We just finished up our first "official" alpha play test of CotV. During this mini campaign many an important thing was discovered, adjustments to attributes were made, abilities and powers were tweaked and a valuable lesson was learned. Never, EVER pop a freshly made Totino pizza roll in your mouth without first waiting for it to cool! These things are filled with a blend of pizza goodness and molten lava and Josh, the play tester playing the Pixies, ended up burning his face off.

Wait a minute did I say Pixies? Yes I did and don't worry, they pilot a killer mech suit know as the Techni-Behemoth but more about that latter...

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Entry: 00-012: GenCon Update

CotV GenCon Events
by Wedge, Co-Creator

It's official, Chronicles of the Void will be hosting 4 original scenario events at GenCon this year!

Each participant will receive a full color CotV Quick Start Guide and a exclusive CotV promotional item that will be revealed in the upcoming weeks. Each scenario will be 3 hours long and there are a limited number of seats so be sure to pre-register and reserve yours asap.

I just got the final event data off their website, here are the details:
  1. RPG1122093 - Thu @ 6:00 PM - Located at the JW Marriott Room #311 Table #1
  2. RPG1122094 - Fri @ 1:00 PM - Located at the JW Marriott Room #311 Table #4
  3. RPG1122095 - Fri @ 9:00 PM - Located at the JW Marriott Room #311 Table #2
  4. RPG1122096 - Sat @ 3:00 PM - Located at the JW Marriott Room #311 Table #4
Prepare yourselves for a truly unique RPG experience. Hope to see many of you there!

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Entry: 00-011: The Wilds Part 1 of 2 - The Huntress

The Wilds Part 1 of 2: The Huntress
Illustration by David Melvin
Story by Wedge, Co-Creator

"I'm going to piss on Twelve's weed garden when we get back to The Overwatch," said Hock.

Even though Mata was strapped to his chest she managed to twist her head around to face him displaying a predatory grin "What's wrong soldier boy, afraid of heights?"

"No, I wanted to get a closer look at the top of this tree because I was considering buying property here," Hock struggled against the twisted cords sending both of them spinning.

"You were the one in control of the steering lines, it wasn't Twelve's fault that you picked the biggest tree in sight to slam into."

"This kind of parachute isn't designed for more than one person," Hock leveled an implicating stare at Mata, "besides what kind of robot packs only one into a transport shuttle that seats eight?"

"All things considered I can think of more than a few who might enjoy trading places with you," Mata's tail swung around and tickled the bottom of Hock's chin playfully.

"So hanging upside down tangled in a freakishly tall tree covered in cuts and bruises is a turn-on now?"

"Well it does get the blood flowing..."

Cursing Hock resumed his thrashing and the two of them spun helplessly through the air strapped to one another in the remains of the ruined tandem parachute.

"All your flailing is just making it worse," said Mata.

Hock momentarily stopped straining "listen my right arm has a blade in the gauntlet but I can't feel that half of my body at the moment so if you've got any suggestions then you have my full attention."

"Well if you wanted my help all you had to do was ask." Mata produced a kunai and bent her arm backwards to cut through the straps binding them together.

"Watch where you stick that thing girly."

Mata curled her tail around one of the remaining cords that held them suspended from the tree and sliced herself free. She then rotated around to face Hock full in the face "Do you prefer to go down head first or feet first?"

A grim smirk crossed Hocks split lip "You are about to grin your way through my last nerve Mata."

"You are so touchy - and not in a good way" with a wink Mata snagged a length of dangling rope and effortlessly swung down to land on the thick branch a few yards below where Hock hung. Proceeding to loop the rope around the meaty part of the branch she tied it off and shouted up "ready?"


Mata drew a flat convex blade with a hidden hinge at the top from her thigh and flicked it open into an asymmetrical V shape. Slinging the blade with an underhanded throw the weapon arced through the air cleanly slicing the remaining parachute binding Hock sending him hurtling towards the ground like a pendulum crashing into a patch of thick bushes on the jungle floor. Mata snatched the weapon out of the air as it completed its orbit and peered down through the foliage to see that Hock already freeing himself from the tattered harness.

Mata swung effortlessly through the branches, bouncing off massive disc like fungi radiating out of the tree's broad trunk, and when she reached solid ground she found Hock fussing over his gear. She was struck by the humor of seeing the hulking seven and a half foot man covered in scrapes, plant debris, and mud fussing over smudges on his favorite plasma rifle.

"Were you able to find out anymore about what made the shuttle go down?" Hock asked sub-vocally.

"The ship experienced no external or internal damage, the power to all systems failed simultaneously," said Spirit Crusher's voice inside Hock's left inner ear.

Hock let out a frustrated grunt, "what about this planet, what should we expect?"

"This planet's fauna is rated I6, and it even has some flora at I4 level, I recommend we fortify our current position and wait for reinforcements before retrieving Ripsis," answered Spirit Crusher.

Apparently satisfied Hock engaged his link with The Overwatch. "Mata and I made it down in one piece, any word from Ripsis since the crash?"

"Negative, although in the event that he did survive the crash it is likely he is unconscious or otherwise unable to communicate" said the voice of Dust from Hock's communicator.

"Hes as tough as they come, but we need to get to him fast all the same, when can you send down another ship - this time hopefully with an armed escort?"

"I fear that is the problem, I've already dispatched another drop ship with Daxim, Alizara and Kinaso flying fighter escort, but factoring in the extra level of precautions necessary for a safe flight path through hostile territory and the relative position of The Overwatch's current orbit..."

"Dust, how long?"

"Approximately six and a half local hours."

"Understood, we will..." Hock caught movement from the corner of his eye as a finger sized flying bug landed on his neck and emitted a bright flare from its abdomen. Abruptly Hock's link to The Overwatch cut off and the Spirit Crusher powered down. Hock grabbed the creature and crushed it oozing orange goop from between his fingers. "What the hell was that?"

Sauntering over Mata examined the lifeless plasma rifle "Looks like a Zapper. Its a fly that emits a small EMP field that causes all kinds of nasty damage to electronics. You should seriously consider turning off your toys when you aren't using them."

Hock's face looked ashen "No powered weapons?" he managed listlessly.

At full height Mata stood even with Hock's navel but she wrapped a steadying arm around his waist and said "you should be able to use some electronics in short bursts, just remember to keep them off unless absolutely necessary, these things seem to be attracted to the field it generates." Hock shook his head and seemed to regain his composure. Mata continued, "and apparently they also can cause dizziness so close to your head, even one as thick as yours."

Hock ignored the jab and returned the Spirit Crusher to it's cradle on his back. "I wonder if that's what made the shuttle crash, we didn't detect any weapons fire."

Considering this for a moment Mata said, "we were flying pretty low, if we ran into a swarm of those things it probably could have taken the whole ship down."

"Does your N-Lab link still work? We need to warn the others before they join us down here."

Running her hands through her tangled hair Mata shook her head, "I lost my transmitter sometime during the fall. Maybe we could find one in the shuttle wreckage, and we need to get to Ripsis fast. I saw a thin column of smoke to the North East when I was up in the tree."

Warily scanning the jungle around him Hock retrieved a ancient looking scatter gun from his pack "this planet's home to some nasty critters, and all I've got this antique shotgun. This should be fun."

Mata's eyes shifted from a deep orange to red "We hunt," she intoned.

Gesturing to follow Mata loosened the two kukri strapped inverted across her back and sprung down a worn game trail that provided an opening in the thick ground cover. The path was inconsistent, changing angles with no discernible reason, and sometimes it disappeared altogether for several yards leaving her to pick her way through the thick brush before it reappeared. The dense jungle canopy played tricks with the light, casting wild patterns through the foliage seeming to take on a life of its own. Alien creatures hooted, brayed, and chirped all around, outlining their territory, seeking mates, and busying themselves with the demands of life. The oxygen rich air was stocked with the smells of life all around her and Mata was filled with a reckless rush. She had been cooped up on the lifeless starship too long. It was time to stretch her legs and feel the thick damp loam of earth between her toes. And to hunt.

Mata's measured gait turned into a leg sprawling sprint leaping over knotted roots and evading thorny stalks the wind in her wake left only the barest hint of her passage. She ran on like this until she lost all other thought, drunk on the joy of simply living.

A flattened patch of grass.

Deep scoring on a tree.

A formidable whiff of secretion.

Mata instincts told her that she had entered the territory of a higher food chain predator. She began to slow her pace and pick her paths more carefully. The game trail would be watched by any other hunter. A bay in the distance stopped her in her tracks. Palming the handles of her kukri she crouched and slowed her breath. An answering bay sounded from back the way she had come, closer. The triangulating bay came too far to her left to be closing in on her position... what then were they hunting?

The realization struck her as her rational mind tore through the shroud her animal instincts had caped over her brain: Hock.

She had forgot all about him in her heady plunge through the jungle and now he was likely stomping his way along the game trail in an attempt to keep up. Mata retraced her steps settling into the huntresses mindset, but this time keeping a leash on its intoxicating call. The baying was coming more frequent now, and she could follow their sound like way points to her comrade.

The unmistakable recoil of a gunpowder propelled firearm split the air.

Mata bowed her head and surged forward.

She came upon the corpse of a creature that was approximately six foot long and looked like half of its skin had been blasted into a bloody pulp. Snarls, baying, and the unrivaled stream of curses told her she reached her destination. Mata cartwheeled sideways between two closely growing trunks to find Hock thundering out of a batch of thorny brambles wielding his apparently empty weapon like a club on his pursuer. Catching the beast on the edge of one of its horns it's head snapped around and it staggered.

Mata drew her two kukri and leaped towards the disoriented beast in a single motion descending upon it and embedding her blades deep into the monster's back before it could regain its footing.

Three more animals erupted from the brush at once and converging on the source of the spilled blood where Mata stood. The beasts were bi-pedal, sporting long grasping arms that terminated in a cruel sickle claw, and a wide face with a jaw that seemed to be hinged too wide framed in a halo of horns. Their beady eyes seemed to assess Mata's threat for an instant. They circled her for a few heartbeats.

Then beast behind Mata took some unspoken queue and lashed out.

Mata turned and parried the claw with her left blade, but the creature recoiled, and there was no power behind the strike. A feint. The other two beasts darted towards her now exposed sides, but Mata chose to follow through with her counter attack on the retreating enemy. Her second blade bit deep into the meaty arm she had batted aside so easily, but she had no time to pull the weapon free before an overhand swipe forced her to duck and roll along the side of the wounded beast to place herself behind it and using him as a barrier between the other hunters.

They still had the advantage and Mata needed to even the odds. She hurled the last remaining kukri at one of the healthy creatures in a flash landing right between its eyes and splitting open the creatures head. Empty handed Mata turned and leaped, stretching her body out like a diver, she soared through a rotted hollow bole of a nearby tree. Coming out the other side she caught a green sapling and circled it before landing back on the ground. The two remaining beasts came around either side of the tree she jumped through and closed in driving Mata back.

Only one option left, no matter how much additional attention it might attract from the Zappers, Mata flipped on her double sided ballistic shielding and the familiar thrum of electricity spread through her entire body making her hairs stand on end. Sinking into her unarmed fighting stance Mata welcomed the hunters attacks.

The beasts converged on her, and her limbs snapped out with blurring speed. The snapping sound of her energized shield filled the air each time she turned the creatures attacks with her bare arms and legs. Each of her strikes had to be lightning fast and timed perfectly to engage the ballistic speed shield, otherwise her skin would be as soft as the damp ground they struggled over.

Horns and spikes caught Mata at unexpected angles, causing her to drip blood.

She pushed on.

Her right leg found an opening in one of the creatures defenses and the force of the strike enhanced by the engaged shielding turned her toes into daggers sinking into the neck of the creature and sending it spinning off to die.

Yet Mata remained locked in combat with the final creature, and she could see her kukri jutting from its arm, but the beast only seemed to be spurred on by the pain and fought with a singular determination knowing its life depended on it. It was all she could do to hold her own.

A deep boom pealed through the air and tiny steel pellets ricocheted an inch from Mata's face as her ballistic shield snapped on. The beast wavered and Mata used the opportunity to retrieve the kukri with a energized strike, taking the handle of the weapon she brought it all the way through the arm severing it entirely, and with a underhand swing she brought the blade back around to cut off the remaining hand at the wrist which even now quested towards her soft belly.

The creature collapsed in a heap and Mata stumbled over to lay on a large exposed root gasping for breath.

Hock stood ten yards behind the fallen creature the barrel of his scatter gun smoking.

"Takes so long to reload this thing - its a wonder anyone ever survived long enough to do it," Hock was covered in more wounds than before, but he had the biggest smile on his face that Mata had seen all day "still though, there is something rather satisfying about shooting it."

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Entry: 00-010: Come one, come all!

Chronicles of the Void: Come one, come all!
By Doug, Co-Creator

Spring is here and that means its convention season! Chronicles of the Void will be present and running demos at 3 cons this year.

Reaper Con, May 19th - 22nd, Denton, TX:
A-Kon, June 10th-12th, Dallas, TX:
Gen Con, Aug 4th - 7th, Indianapolis, Indiana:

We sincerely hope you can make it out to at least one of these events and get a chance to taste our brand of Sci-Fi goodness and who knows, you might even walk away with some free stuff! If you have any special request of things you would like to learn/see/ask about CotV jump on over to the forums and let us know.