Thursday, June 30, 2011

Entry: 00-023: Playable Classes: Geno-Perfect Human Javelin Pilot & the Grimkin Swarm

Geno Perfect Human Javelin Pilot and the Grimkin Swarm
by Wedge, Co-Creator

This is the second post in a regular update series which will reveal all 10 playable Iconic Character Templates (or classes) that will be available in Chronicles of the Void. Each one includes a bit of CotV fiction to set the stage for the origins of the class, a Game Play Overview section to get an idea of how each might be played, and finally a short blurb about our Iconic CotV Character which the class is based off of.

Today we feature our two classes which have the ability to pilot heavily armed mechanized suits into battle, I gave you the Geno-Perfect Human Javelin Pilot and the Grimkin Swarm.

3) Geno-Perfect Human Javelin Pilot

Geno-Perfect are a new generation of children born into the custody of a corporation. Conceived in a fertility laboratory from the combination of 647 unique genes sampled from some of the most exceptional individuals in history. Raised by a staff of expert caretakers and are given the highest level of education and serve as representations of the pinnacle of human evolution exalting the feats which science has allowed us to ascend.

Geno-Perfect humans have a staggering genetic resume including ambidexterity, short sleeper, an eidetic memory, supertaster, and absolute pitch among many others. In addition, they are the first humans which are able to physiologically compete in Migrathon.

Officially Migrathon is described as a 5 day, non-stop 5,000 mile run across some of the most dangerous and savage terrain in the universe, players (or Javelin as they are popularly called) are ranked in the order that they finish the course. Each course is meticulously chosen and plotted ahead of time to take the Javelins through inhospitable environments, deadly local fauna, and unpredictable weather. Each Javelin wears a fusion powered mechanical suit that prescribes to MORA (Migrathon Offical Ruling Authority) guidelines and is additionally allowed one projectile rifle with 3 cartridges, one plasma handgun with a 5 Megawatt charge, and one retractable uni-gauntlet oscillating nano-blade. Each Javelin begins the course 1 mile apart but they ultimately converge on a finish line is a 100 foot arch at the end of the course. Along the way each Javelin has 4 waypoints that they must reach that are plotted by satellite and transmitted to each Javelin's topographical interface, in order to mathematically ensure that each Javelin must cross the same total distance to reach the finish line. Direct contact between Javelins is forbidden on the course (no touching or firing upon opponents), but indirect action that effects other players is permitted.

Unofficially a Migrathon is one of the most unpredictable, cutthroat, and deadly games in the civilized universe. Last season, there was a fatality rate of 14.4% among Javelin players, with causes ranging from cardiac failure to sabotage to decapitation by the Greater Ibaquin of Malcor who has claimed the lives of no less than 4 Javelin players while crossing through their traditional mating grounds when the course was first introduced during last year's quarter final elimination tournament. Javelin players are tested mentally, physically, morally, and tactically at all times when on the course and quite literally only the strongest survive.

You are a Geno-Perfect Human Javelin Pilot.

Game Play Overview: As a Geno-Perfect Human you have access to a wide array of specilized skills representing the best of what Humanity has to offer including ambidexterity, short sleeper, an eidetic memory, supertaster, absolute pitch and many more. As a Javelin Pilot you will oversee the battlefield in your highly armored and heavily armed mechanized Javelin suit. You are the most sturdy character in the game with massive weapons only weldable by mechanized suits, but your size and power comes at a penalty to coordination forcing you to act less frequently then all other characters.

Iconic Character: Kinaso Life (female Human) Confident, determined, and resourceful Kinaso is a human Geno-Perfect child raised by the Life Corporation famous across the Universe as the top Migrathon athlete piloting the heavily armored mechanized javelin suit Silver Needle before she became a Marshal of Ash.

4) Grimkin Swarm

The Grimkin are originally from the planet Renoyl where the top of the food chain is dominated by massive predators on the scale of the dinosaurs from ancient Earth. On such a competitive world the evolutionary strategy the Grimkin took for survival was to stay small and unnoticed by the bigger animals. Measuring only 4'' to 6’’ tall at full height they flutter about on insect like wings. The Grimkin go unnoticed by the massive predators on their home world and they live in tight family swarms which typically range from 15 to 50 individuals. A Grimkin swarm is always together as they are inherently social animals that despise solitude.

While Grimkin swarms appear to maintain a type of shared consciousness, they are in fact still a collection of individuals all with their own personalities, needs, and desires that operate in extremely close coordination. However, the survival skills of an individual Grimkin which is separated from their swarm are drastically reduced, and a single swarm exhibits behavior which is greater than the sum of its parts. The Grimkin are particularly adept problem solvers, able to attack a puzzle with many pairs of hands and minds working together to complete a task that often results in surprisingly effective results. While they rarely ever choose the correct solution on their first try, the Grimkin are extremely persistent and will exhaust every possible option in a brute force kind of strategy to solving any complex problem.

When the first explorers came to the planet Renoyl and performed their survey of the local fauna and flora, the Grimkin were not recognized as a sentient race, but rather as a kind of vermin that found a way to infest the surveyor’s spacecraft and were unintentionally and unknowingly transported off world. Since then, the Grimkin have spread to nearly every habitable zone across the known universe showing alarming adaptability. Wherever they go, they assimilate local languages and customs leading to a high degree of variability between Grimkin swarms across various regions. Their colonization is so uniform that it is difficult to find any civilized habitat without them.

The Grimkin are garbologists and have developed a knack for fixing broken devices by cobbling together their own contraptions using the materials on hand. Unfortunately for everyone else the Grimkin enjoy fixing things so much that they often run out of broken devices to fix and start dismantling various operational systems in order to "improve" them leading to dubious results more often than not.

Perhaps one of the Grimkin most troubling adaptations to the modern society is their construction of human sized mechanized suits which are generally referred to as Techni-Behemoths. Many cite the massively popular and brutal sport Miagrathon as the culprit behind the Grimkin's obsession with building these monstrosities. Regardless, nearly every swarm ends up building their own custom Techni-Behemoth, complete with enough hatches, turrets, consoles, and even a fully functional command bridge allowing the entire swarm to ride around in a heavily armed mechanical golem wreaking havoc among the other larger creatures.

By nature Grimkin are capricious and unpredictable. They are stubborn and while they work very well with each other, they require enticement to work with other creatures. Gifts, services and IOUs are the currency of the Grimkin , although many individuals find that they come out on the raw end of any deals made with the Grimkin, which has led to the common universal slang describing a no win situation or a poor bargain as a “Grimkin Deal”.

Game Play Overview: Challenging and unique role playing opportunities as you play as a swarm of small flying aliens that act, think, and eat as one. These little guys are some of the Universe's most creative innovators and use that talent to build “human sized” mechanized suits called Techni-Behemoths that they pilot into battle. They couple high armor and powerful weaponry when piloting their Techni-Behimoth with extreme vulnerability if ever caught in dangerous situations outside of their suit where they are easily picked off.

Iconic Character: Gups (Grimkin Swarm) - Skilled inventors and engineers this family of Grimkin is composed of 20 individuals that share a collective intelligence and an affinity for practical jokes while serving as honorary Marshals of Ash ever since they made their home aboard the starship Overwatch.