Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Entry: 00-016: Many are the Threads

by Wedge, Co-Creator

We've currently got several irons in the fire which are all in various states of progress but not quite the requisite glowing-orange-hot that signifies they are ready to release. So I'll talk a a little about each one to let you know what the CotV team has been up to lately.

CotV Original Theme Music
: Doug and Patricia have been hard at work in the studio hammering out a sweet theme song for CotV. Anything I could say about it will not do it justice, but I'm sure Doug will have it finished shortly and I think the music will speak for itself.

Marketing Video
: We are also working on a marketing video for CotV which will also feature the CotV original theme music. Its still largely in outline form, but Patricia has been busting out some killer doodles of gnomes in astronaut costumes to inspire us.

Marketing Pamphlet: Doug and I have all but finished the marketing pamphlet we will be handing out at all of the conventions this year. Its packed full of great CotV artwork, world building details, further information on our character creation system, as well as a long list of features you can expect to find in the game when its finished. All of the content is essentially finished but the technical aspects such as getting this thing laid out, embedding our fonts, working out reverse double sided printing, and binding it all is something new for me, so its taking a little time to get all the kinks worked out. We also plan to make this available online.

Quick Start Guide
: We've also been working for some time now on a paired down Quick Start version of the CotV rule set. This will be the copy we bring with us to the conventions this summer and will be made available for anyone to read who is interested.

CotV T-Shirts
: For the last several weeks we've been working on a T-shirt order for GenCon with a great screen printer We've just about got everything settled and are just about ready to pull the trigger. I'm really excited about getting these made. All of the players in our official CotV events this year will get a free shirt, and for those of you who can't make an event but will be at GenCon - keep and eye out for us and we might be able to hook you up with one too! Website Redesign
: Thanks to the hard work of Genie and Travis we are getting a new CotV website layout and forum design! The new website is going to be using Joomla and should prove to be a lot more engaging than the single dinky black page I wrote :) Genie has also been putting in some time into getting us more face time on Facebook, and we have her to thank for many of you reading this blog today!

So those are all the big projects, but there is also a basket full of other smaller stuff like a new CotV fiction story I'm writing featuring Ambrose, play tests with the Alpha crew, weapon and armor costing, etc.
So until next time...